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Ajax is not working

(new from 01-07-2019)
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I am using WordPress with woocommerce and I realized that when I enabled the Ajax for the filters it partially working so I decided to disable it for now and figure out how to fix it.

I disabled the ajax in 2 places the

  1. In the options->Try to ajaxify the shop

2. in the wordpress backend: appearance->widgets->Form ajax redrawing.

I found that when I enabled the ajax the reset button is not working (but the filters themselves works just fine).

I would like to ask how this issue can be fixed?

I assume that right now (which I hope will be solved in future versions) there is a dependency between the ajax and the ability to run JavaScript code after the ajax is rendered so eventually this feature by itself is important enough in order to solve the ajax issue (of from the other hand allow running JavaScript after a non ajax version is finished rendering).

This issue is important for us to fix since we want to do code customization after filters are being rendered etc.

Thank you.


Please  try  to read  this - - disable  it.

Update  plugin  to latest  version

Drop me  exact  link to the  issue




This was already disabled ->

The plugin version is: v.

As a reminder when I enable the ajax the reset button is not working but the rest is working.

I will be happy to send you a link to the problem but which link exactly do you want?

Thank you!!