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After duplicated product can not change attributes.

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Hi, After i duplicate product, I wanna change only color attribute. Everything looks normal, plugin get me notification saved. But after reload page i was get only no items in color. Then I tried again and result is the same and can not change any else attribute. In Classic woocommerce editor I can add this color and everything looks normal.

PHP 7,4

Newest Woocommerce and Wordpress and Bear plugin verion.

Theme Flatsome.


Please paste your license key here - -> and  wp-admin access -


Please check  your  access  -

Try now. Sorry Hosting firewall was block you. Its turned off.

You can tell with which product it happens

My  test  -


Try duplicate last or any else product, after that change color (farba rámu) or any else attribute (veľkosť, farba šošovky...) and refresh page or leave and go back, Color will been blank. I can not rewrite attribute on copied product. We have certain models in more colors, so we need duplicate product and change only color attribute and image.

Ok! Please  drop  me  FTP access - -> - I  will  investigate  it

Done. Thank you

I have One more problem with plugin. I wanna filter all not in sale products and get regular price down by 20%. But when I filter all products with sale price to 1 (like I found in other post on this forum) I get only 4 products. But there is maybe 3000 products with no sale price.


Please check  your  FTP access


Sorry again hosting firewall. You can login now.

Please  do a test

 wanna filter all not in sale products and get regular price down by 20%. - What do you do to filter products without discounts?

I was find in this forum question about filter only products not in sale. Solution was set filter on sale price to 0,1€. But for me dont work. It was show me 0 products.


Attributes are now working correctly?

Yes, we will investigate the issue with the discount filter

Yes attributes working. Everythink looks good. Thank you for your help.


Ok!  Great. Welcome;)