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Add to cart max quantity

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I would like to let my clients to add to cart more than max 5 products (eg. 10x single variant). I didn't find any information about that in documentation, codex and in settings.

You can check that you can not add more than 5 pieces here:

For example this product: Panties Aleksja / Negro - majtki kąpielowe z wysokim stanem, variant: rozmiar 44


Try  in  file - wp-content\plugins\woot-products-tables\profiles\woocommerce\js\woocommerce-cart.js - change  code -

Works as a charm!

Here is what I've changed:

                let input = document.createElement('input');
                input.className = 'woot-add-to-cart-input';
                input.value = 1;
                input.setAttribute('min', 1);
                input.setAttribute('step', 1);
                input.setAttribute('max', 20);// quantity);
                input.setAttribute('size', 4);
                input.setAttribute('type', 'number');
                input.setAttribute('inputmode', 'numeric');
Isn't it a good idea to move this quantity into settings page and dynamically load it from database?


I will pass it to the developers

Great, thanks for your great support!!



I have a post-help question :D

I just realized that when I change code inside your plugin, the change will be overwritten by plugin's updates.

How to achieve same effect but in my files? Maybe a script that can set the attribute on the input -> input.setAttribute('max', 20);. But those inputs are generated dynamically, so I can't bind events to them "on page load". Do you fire some events when the variations table is popping up?

I did some research in your files, and I have found event "woot-do-after-draw'. I'm using it to add listener for clicks made on popup's background area to close the popup.

Should I just set this "max" attribute to each variant?


My background clicks script:

document.addEventListener('woot-do-after-draw', function(e){
    var tableID =;
        var theTable = jQuery('#' + tableID);
        var backgroundModal = theTable.closest('.woot-dynamic-popup-wrapper').find('.woot-modal-backdrop');'click', function(e){
            var table = theTable.closest('.woot-dynamic-popup-wrapper').find('.woot-modal .woot-modal-inner .woot-modal-inner-footer .woot-btn')[0];
                theTable.closest('.woot-dynamic-popup-wrapper').find('.woot-modal .woot-modal-inner .woot-modal-inner-footer .woot-btn')[0].click();


Use  event : table23-after-build-rows     - ( )

This value must be set for each product.