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Accessibility WCGA 2.0

The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.
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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.

Hello i am using the free version of the plugin and concidering buying it. Alongside with a accessibility ready theme bought from envato.

I see  this product filter plugin is has many isuues of missing labels when checking with accessibility checkers like UserWay,  Achecker

Is there a plan of  adress this somehow?

Thanks a lot


Unfortunately, we have not considered this idea before.

I'll pass it to the developers, I think we'll fix it.

Hello there

I have bought the plugin from envato , did you  eventuallly fixed this?  or have any idea  HOW  to manually add some custom labels etc?

Because as i see i  cannot proceed  with my website  accessibility guidelines

Thanks A LOT



At the moment it is not done. Because we haven't worked on a new version of the plugin yet.

This will be included in the new version.

or have any idea  HOW  to manually add some custom labels etc? - Please describe in more detail what you want to add, I will help to do it

Paste your license key here - ->

Hello and  thanks for your answear. I 've pasted licence key.

For your information most modern sites will be required by the law in the near future  to be accesssible  either by  WCGA 2.0  OR 2.1  so i must comply with this.

One screenshot     check with wave tool /  shows that all woof form  filter labels missing.  (either select , text area etc)

If you need i ll give you access to website / its in dev mode.

Thanks again




in this screenshot I see only these problems associated with this plugin -  - this is because you have hidden the titles

Please  check  option -

Hello i have updated private  data  with the website page

As you proposed  i have selected to show titles for product categories and product atributes that i use , but  still i have the same  missing form label errors.

you can check it  with  Wave evaluation -  chrome extension tool

can you check it please?






Try  in  file  - wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\views\html_types\select.php - change  code -

<label style="display: none;" for="woof_wcga_<?php echo $tax_slug ?>"><?php echo WOOF_HELPER::wpml_translate($taxonomy_info) ?></label>
<select id="woof_wcga_<?php echo $tax_slug ?>" class="woof_select woof_select_<?php echo $tax_slug ?>" name="<?php echo $this->check_slug($tax_slug) ?>">

Hello thanks but  i  tried this and  still the errors remain. You can check it .

Also this  patch  was  only  for  select items  not for text search and other types.



In  file  -\woocommerce-products-filter\views\shortcodes\woof_price_filter_select.php change code -

<label style="display: none;" for="woof_wcga_price"><?php echo $price_filter2_1opt_txt ?></label>
<select id="woof_wcga_price" class="woof_price_filter_dropdown">

And  in  file - woocommerce-products-filter\ext\by_text\views\shortcodes\woof_text_filter.php - add  code -

<label style="display: none;" for="$unique_id"><?php echo(isset($placeholder) ? $placeholder : $p) ?></label>

Hello i ve added  all suggested above code but  unfortunately  ALL  errors EXIST  either in   select,  text, and price filter  select options

you can chcek website with this tool

also see  screenshots




please see these screenshots  instead




Please  change  this  code -

<label style="display: none;" for="<?php echo $unique_id ?>"><?php echo(isset($placeholder) ? $placeholder : $p) ?></label>\

and  check  option -


the check option  you send works for  SELECT OPTIONS   its  OK

but  the php code  for TEXT FILTER   broke all the css of the site so  this still doesnt work



Please  change  this  code - and  I will check  your  CSS

Hello,   seems to work now . No errors .

Because i have the November Version  Can you please inform if your  new updated version  has this changes  code  in order to install it?



Unfortunately, these changes are not included in the new version. The new version does not include new features, it was an urgent bug fix


can the above changes  be applied also  to price slider filter and radio buttons?



Which slider do you want to use?  Ion  or  Woo?

Hello i think   Ion