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Ability to insert Flags @ COUNTRY FILTER

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Hi all,

WOOF Licence username: dhauptschein

I'm using WOOF for the last days, I'm wondering how I can tweak the COUNTRY filter within the WOOF Sidebar to allow my visitors to select country according to their Flag instead of textual names.

COUNTRY filter by default is using country name in textual format, as seen here below


I'd like to switch the Country name with related flags, likewise here below:


Pls bare with me, not a code expert and would much appreciate if you could guide me step by step on proper actions I should carry out to get the above.

Many thanks for your help


Hello David

Please  add your license key here - 

Please  watch  video -  -  You will get all the answers to these questions.

Hey Pablo,

License Key added thru Private Area

Thanks for your advice


Hi Pablo,

In an effort to make progress,  you can see @ screenshot I've set images for respective COUNTRY flags but nothing appear, i.e no flag gets displayed.

The "Produit Pays d'origine" filter refers to "COUNTRY" attribute (set with 4 country name, previous looknfeel was as described here )

Within the same screenshot, see at bottom my other question "CONTENANCE" aiming to display the "ML" right after the size labels.

Thank you for precious help


Hello David

Add CSS  style -

to display the "ML" right after the size labels -  My plugin does not affect term label display. You need code customization in file . Read  this  please -

Thank you Pablo for quick reply.


Splitting my answer on 2 Items I opened this ticket about:


Item1: issue related with the before term I'm trying to add "ML"

I followed the instruction from by changing the "term" into "ML" as you can see here below:

Sole edit I made was as pointed by the arrow at line 201 of the checkbox.php file, i.e

echo apply_filters('woof_before_term_name', $ML, $taxonomy_info);

The edit outcomes into adding at the Heading line an "I" with ML upon mouse over but not the "ML" within the Label Box, see

Could you pls point me to other edits I should carry out at checkbox.php file?

Item2: Issue with the Flags that are not displayed for Country filter.

See at under the heading "Produits Pays d'origine", the flag failed to be displayed despite action described at below screenshot.

Many thanks for your guidance & assistance


Hello David

  1. absolutely not right! If you have no programming experience, you should hire a developer to customize the code.  In file \plugins\woocommerce-products-filter\ext\label\views\woof.php add  this -
  2. Please  read  my previous message -   My  test -


Hi Pablo,

On Flag issue (N°2) you're absolutely right my bad for missing previous message.

For the "ML" insertion aiming to get what you see at, I followed your advice:

I'm failing to understand what could prevent the ML label to be visible on page, from your experience with the plugin, what action would you recommend me to do?

Much appreciate your assistance and will be glad to share the word about great support you're giving me on that issue.

Looking forward to your advice



Hello David

Looks like you already have the "ML" in the attribute name. Delete your code customization. AND add  CSS -

.woof .woof_list_label .woof_label_term {
width: 50px;
height: 35px;


Thank you Pablo, works like a charm. Appreciated :-)


Hello David


Welcome;) - rate please the plugin if you liked it ...


Well deserved 5stars review just added :)



Thank you!