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A few questions

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Hi, we just purchased your plugin (Love it so far!).  Just a few questions that we have:,audio

  1. How do I make the FILTER button appear at the top as well as at the bottom?  I'd like it to appear below the PRODUCT FILTERS title.
  2. In responsive mode, the filters show below the products.  I'd prefer that the filters show above the product list.
  3. In responsive mode, is it possible to collapse the filters section and only if a person clicks on the PRODUCT FILTERS title, expand that section and display it?

I think that's all for now


1)  Check  option  please -

2) Unfortunately my plugin doesn't affect the sidebar layout. It only depends on the current theme. Try  to use  this option -

3) Check  option -


I don't see #1 in my options for the filter.

I'll check into the side bar layout/design.


Please  drop  me  screenshots  of the  widget settings

Sorry, but I have 4 screenshots that I can send you bundled as a PDF.  When I try attaching an image here (each image individually), it doesn't look like it's attaching.  Please advise.


better use services to transfer images by link/ Example: clip2net

Or  add  image  to you site and  drop me  a link


I requested( ) a screenshot of the widget setting -

Oh gosh!  I'm so sorry.  Here you go



it looks like you found this setting

Yes, but if you check my shop page, the buttons don't appear.  When I didn't have that setting set, I had the clear button at the bottom.  Now even that doesn't show up.


I  checked  it - - I see buttons

It is very strange because I cannot see the buttons on my side.

Can you tell me what browser and OS you're using?  I've tried on Fedora and Windows, on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi (a Chromium browser), Chrome and so far nothing.


Try  to  select  any  filter. And  create  video  with  error  and  drop  me.

Can you tell me what browser and OS you're using?  -  Windows, on Firefox and Chrome.

I got it sorted out.  Thanks for all your help!