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Specific Filters for Specific Products

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I have installed the WooCommerce Products Filter Pro version.

Query 1:

How do I get Specific Filters to show for specific products?

For Example:

Product A

  • Filter 1
  • Filter 2

Product B

  • Filter 3
  • Filter 4

Right now, if I click on Product A Filter 1,2,3 and 4 are seen. How do I change this?

Query 2:

My products have numerical data like Price. How do I filter the products based on numerical data?


Product A is 20 square feet and Product B is 50 square feet.

How do i create a filter which can sort through numerical data like the Price Range.


If there are any tutorial links for the same. Kindly let me know.

Thanks and Regards


  1. The plugin does not work on the product page. So it does not make sense to hide/show the filters.
  2. Please watch  video -  If  this  field is  meta  data -

Hi Pablo,

Thank you for your response.

The reply regarding second query was clear but I think I was not clear on the first query.


In the Store Page. I have all the products.

For example:

It has all products mobile phones, laptops etc.

Now when I click on a particular  category like Mobile

The filters should show me only the options regarding Mobile. (Display Size,Memory etc)

The Filters still remain the same. I want the filters to change based on the products. Sorry, If this is too basic. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks and Regards


Please check  options -