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Show only some tags on different pages to filter results

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The support doesn work on Saturdays and Sundays, so some Friday requests can be answered on Monday.

Hello I have a store with different sections (example: summer clothes, winter clothes). Now when a visitor clicks on the"summer clothes" section (this is not a category of woocommerce, just a page!), I want him to have different tags to choose from (example: long-sleeved, short-sleeved). When the visitor clicks on"Winter clothes", he should have different tags to choose from (example: With hood, Extra warm). There does not need to be a restriction on categories, as items are also in multiple categories. Only the tags are actually relevant to filter products. So I would also like to display only the tags which are relevant for this subpage, which the user can then click on and get the filtered products.

I have tried the following:

[woof sid="clothes_winter_products" autosubmit="1" is_ajax="1" taxonomies=product_tag:96,95]
[woof_products per_page="8" columns="3" is_ajax="1" taxonomies=product_tag:96,95]

but unfortunately this does not work.

Thanks for the help


Please drop me  exact  link  to the  issue and  wp-admin access  - ->

Read  this -

added, thanks!


It seems I didn't understand you (with your additional description)


taxonomies - this does pre-filtering, i.e. at the time of loading shortcodes, there is already a search for these taxonomies( the user cannot change it )

tax_only - This only shows certain filter items

If for example you want to show only winter clothes use attribute - taxonomies - with corresponding taxonomy (category, tag, OR attribute).

Read  this  -  and


Entschuldigung für die späte Antwort. Die Frage ist dann: Wie wendet man Produkt-Tags auf „tax_only“ an? Ich habe herausgefunden, wie es mit Produktattributen (tax_only="pa_xxx") funktioniert, aber nicht mit Tags. Woof soll nur die Filter für die Tags anzeigen, die ich ausgewählt habe.


Example for product attributes:

[woof sid="products" autosubmit="1" is_ajax="1" tax_only="pa_winter"]
[woof_products per_page="8" columns="3" is_ajax="1"]


But i need this for tags, not product attributes.

Many thanks


this only works for taxonomies

To display specific terms, you can use this option(but it only works globally) -


you need code customization -