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filtering by size but only for that category woof

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Hi everyone


I have a fashion e-commerce, and i am facing the issue with the filter which could require custom function or code i am not sure, so when i am in the archives page of the shop, i see all the sizes of the items in the drop down of the filter which makes sense cause the shop page includes all products, but even if i choose let's say shoes category, i still get clothing sizes in the drop down, i want to show attributes like size only relevant to this category, how can i do that.

your help is highly appreciated.


Hello Ana

Please check  options -

Thanks pablo, i have another issue, sizing for different fashion brands has different standards, so i have to ask the customer step by step filter for the size filter only, i want to ask the customer size info  (US, Eur, Uk) then show him the list of sizes relevant to those sizes cause i have a size info field in my product info.

any workaround for this?

now after choosing a category from the drop down, the size and other paramters disappear.



your tool doesn't work properly , if i choose And logic for categories, it goes and displays only the chosen and doesn't allow to choose anything else, if i choose or id displays everything else. it is not logical. why if i choose category like men , it disappear women, what if i change my mind?


it is not well done tool, how can we ask for refund?




why if i choose category like men , it disappear women, - it is very logical! Because there are no products that have two categories: Men  AND Women  - the result will always be zero products. what if i change my mind? - In this case,  just cancel the selected category

The plugin works correctly!

actually if you check the price slider, is not working properly, please check on our live site:




Please  disable  my  plugin and  do test -

how to test if i disable your plugin, the plugin is the only side filter i use at the moment, i don't understand?


The fact is that this is the standard functionality of woocommerce.  And it should work without any filter

Please  do test! -