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Set google map on your site using shortcode or widget by one click.

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Product Description

Set google map on your WordPress site using shortcode or widget by one click. Interactive map mode, image map mode, any maps sizes, very pleasant and convenient popup window with all map options. You can set map as by latitude and longitude so by address. One place - one click, do not waste time walking to other pages. The plugin has in-built widget for placing maps into sidebars.

Example of the shortcode: [gmap_targeting height="500" width="500" mode="map" location_mode="address" latitude="" longitude="" address="Spain, Alicante, castell de la santa barbara" zoom="14" maptype="ROADMAP" enable_marker="1" enable_scrollwheel="1" marker_is_draggable="0" enable_popup="1"]Hello World!![/gmap_targeting]

Note: width is possible to set as '50%', but its works for 'map' mode only

Q: How to enable Google Map API only on some pages

R: In your current wp theme functions.php file use next code:

Q: How to set image width in '%' instead of 'px'

R: Just write in field 'width' of shortcode value with '%' sign. For example: 30%