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My variation products display the correct price in EUR, but the same price in USD, unless I select a variation.

Price is correct in USD in the cart, but not on category page and product listing under the title.


in Euros :

in USD :



Hello Nicolas

Do you use functionality that changes the price template?

Can  you  disable  a current theme  to  test?

運が悪ければ-私にwp-adminアクセスをドロップしてください- ->


Yes I am using __PRICE__ because I am using a cache plugin and that is what is suggested:

"Set Yes here ONLY if you are REALLY use cache plugin for your site, for example like Super cache or Hiper cache (doesn matter). + Set"Custom price format", for example: __PRICE__ (__CODE__)"

I cannot disable the current theme because the website is live and we have 40+ orders per day. We use Flatsome theme, it's updated regularly.

I sent you the wp-admin link in private.



Hello Nicolas

The problem is with this 3rd party plugin - - and everything will work correctly


Thanks, what sould I tell my webmaster specifically? I cannot just delete the plugin you mention, it's essential to our website.


Hello Nicolas

 I cannot just delete the plugin you mention - This third party plugin is no longer maintained and has been removed from the wordpress repository( I advise you to look for another plugin


Thanks, we will move our wholesale business to another platform in a couple of months and therefore won't need this plugin anymore.

In the meantime, would you be able to provide a temporary fix, or give us more specifics in the plugin's code in order to send to our developer?


Hello Nicolas

Unfortunately, we do not have a ready-made solution for this plugin.

give us more specifics in the plugin's code in order to send to our developer? - Unfortunately, I don't know the code for this third party plugin.