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For some reason when trying to edit"Manage stock" I get error. Console shows 502. Can this be some sort of timeout error, or something else?

When running this bulk edit I only receive error message in upper right corner.

There's product variations that have stock management enabled and I'd like to deactivate them. Otherwise when duplicating or transferring products in multistore there's a bug in woocommerce that puts products in"On backorder" state.
Out of Stock products change stock to On Backorder when imported to update existing · Issue #19485 · woocommerce/woocommerce · GitHub




I think it's the latest 2.1.1. seems the editing works from the table. But when using the bulk edit show edit drop down menu, it does not.

The table is ofcourse a bit akward to use, cause it crashes when there's a lot of variations. I can do around 10 at a time with that.


ここにライセンスキーを貼り付けてください- -> およびFTP + wp-adminアクセス-

Hi, added those credentials. Unfortunately I can't give you ftp access. It's on a shared host and we have a strict data security policy.

There's also an issue with other site, that's in the private data.

It's on a same host, but for some reason BEAR does not work the same way. I can't for example filter products correctly.


Which site has a problem with instock


Install and configure( ) this plugin -

Ok the error log is installed.

At least Luxbox has the error with in stock. When selecting:
Filters > Product type > Variation product
Bulk Edit > Additional > Manage stock > No
Gets 502 error, but it's not shown in the error logs.
We were able to set the manage stock values with BEAR so that when the products were filttered and the selected"Bind edit" and then 50 products at a time. So the options are now correct, but the bulk edit is still not working.

In Korutuote, there's an error with the filtering. Which is odd, cause it's on the same server and basically running the same setup. The products are synced with woomultistore.
If you search in Luxbox"BOL-N" in SKU and do the same in Korututuote, then you'll see that it's not working. There's some watches and stuff in Korututuote, there should be only necklaces etc. Even weirder is that sometimes the search works and then when hitting the enter again it does not.


Luxbox - Can I disable  plugins to test?

Korutuote -

I'll generate a development environment for korutuote. That's more important and most likely has the same issues than luxbox.

I'll send you new login details via secure channel once setup.





I created a development environment. You can see the credentials in the private section. Let's try to get things working there first... so you can disable / enable plugins etc. in the development site.

The role for user in Korutuote was wrong. I'll change it also to the production. So the logins should now work in development and production.


Please add  in functions.php

ADD_FILTER('woobe_storage_type', function($ type) { リターン 'セッション';//セッション、一時的 });



... But it produced parse error, so I had to remove it:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in .../wp-content/themes/theme-child/functions.php on line 116


Please try it this code:

add_filter('woobe_storage_type'、function($ type){

It's there and seems to work.