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Hi, thank you for your video on how to use the meta fields. I'm continuing the ticket now here in the correct section.

I was looking on how to set all"Avada Page Options" -"Slider Type" to"No slider" for all products.

I set all the"Slider Type" with the bulk editor binded editing to"no", but in the product backend, it did not change. The"Slider Type" is still on"Avada Slider". I checked some other meta fields like pyre_slider, pyre_wooslider and pyre_revslider but they are all not what I am looking for. Do you know why it did not work with the pyre_slider_type you showed me in the video?

Please find all the details in the private data.


Please  clear  all  cache  OR  better  disable  it   and  do a  test

Hi, I have done that already before and now again, but I can still see the Avada Slider assigned in the single product pages at the bottom. Can you try to clear the cache or disable it?

I  checked  products - In the product data, the slider is disabled (in fact, my plugin changed this meta field). If the slider is displayed on the front-end - unfortunately this does not depend on my plugin

Hi, your plugin changes the fields in the single product view, but for the slider, it did not change as it did for other fields. I can still see it in the backend of the single product view. Single Product Page Backend


Unfortunately I can't see your screenshot

please use services to transfer images by link


Have a look at the new video I've sent you in the private data.


I took 10 products - yes, in two out of ten the slider is enabled.


Please contact avada support ask them what meta key they use for this data. Maybe they don't even use meta data.

Thank you for checking. I will ask them. I assume you picked newer products where I have already changed the slider by myself to no, because the bulk editor did not change any slider type I have not changed before already.


I assume you picked newer products -  oh! Maybe! I opened the first 10 products in the table

I will ask them - Waiting for your answer

They say I should try it with


I tried to add it as a meta field but it did not work. Do you know why?


It looks like they store data in serialized arrays


My  test - added  to private  data


OMG :) you did it!!! It really worked, I still can't believe it. Thank you so much, I am so happy!!!



But be careful. Bulk operation on serialized arrays will change all array values, not just the slider type

Oh! Too late, I already bulk edited the slider type to no. I've just checked the other array values. Even if changed, that should be OK.


OK! すごい;)