Set google map on your site using shortcode or widget by one click. Image mode, any maps sizes, very pleasant and convinient popup window with maps options. You can set map as by coordinates so by address. One place - one click, no waste walking to other pages.

If you like old plugin, take it here:





  1. Eugene
    21.04.2014 at 03:59

    Oh yes, and there is one wrong textdomain in index.php: _e('Donate for GMap Targeting', "slidermania") instead of _e('Donate for GMap Targeting', 'gmap-targeting') :)

    • 22.04.2014 at 15:51

      Hello Eugene! Thanks for your revision. I added your message to wp plugins todo, and I think to realize it this week. Thanks... P.S. Ну и конечно же я добавлю файл перевода для русских пользователей =)

  2. Eugene
    19.04.2014 at 20:36

    Hello, Thank you very much for the plugin - it is the best one. But there is a great problem with it - there is no the plugin button in visual editor (WP 3.9) - so it is difficult to use the plugin functionality... Hope you can fix this and update the plugin at ASAP. Regards.

  3. borisa
    24.01.2014 at 11:19

    Dear, My name is Borisa Djuraskovic. I am working at Web Hosting Hub. I found your Google Map Targeting plugin at very interesting and I would like to translate it to my native Serbo-Croatian language. Would you mind if I do so? I am looking forward to hear from you, Regards, Borisa Djuraskovic

      • Eugene
        21.04.2014 at 01:39

        Thank you very much for such qiuck update! It works great! You plugin is very easy to use. I have a few ideas how to make it even better (if you don't mind): 1. To fix a bug with multiple maps on one page (when there are many maps on one page, markers are not seen). At least at my website. 2. We made a translation of your plugin into russian language, hope it will help russian users to use your plugin. You can find our translation here: (the files will be storaged for 30 days). Of course you can change it as you need. 3. It would be nice to make not only php, but also js files translate-ready. We could not translate some words / phrases because of this ( the title of the button in visual editor (I suppose that you have forgotten to change it - now it is "my test button"), buttons "apply" and "insert" and the title of the popup window ("Google Map Targeting by PluginUs.Net") in editor.js). Thank you again!

        • 23.04.2014 at 19:50

          Hello. The plugin is just updated: Russian language files added. All harcoded words are translate able. Some improvements in shortcode popup with the jquery. I tested the plugin for point 2 - and no error found. Take a look at this page, all tooltips works well:

          • Eugene
            26.04.2014 at 00:03

            Ok, спасибо. Несколько карт на одной странице, действительно, работают - проблема была в теме. Так что всё хорошо. Спасибо и удачи!

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